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Walton Parish Council has funded the purchase of two defibrillators for our parish.

One defibrilator is located in Lower Walton and the other is in Higher Walton. This page has been created to enable residents to become familiar with the use of defibrillators, and includes some links to useful resources, including training videos.


In Lower Walton the defibrillator is located at The Stag pub on the side wall towards the One Stop shop (see pictures)

In Higher Walton, the defibrillator is located on the right hand side of the Walton Arms pub (see pictures)

We are very grateful to the owners of both The Stag and the Walton Arms for offering their premises for the installation of this life saving equipment.


The instructions are clearly labelled on the boxes at each site and a picture of this information is included on this page. Defibrillators can be operated by anyone and are there for use by the public in the event of a medical emergency. The instructions on the boxes are as follows:

To open the box in an emergency:

1. Call 999
2. Keep calm and follow instructions
3. Tell the call operator where you are
4. You will be give an unlock code for the cabinet that contains the defibrillator
5. Stay on the phone for further guidance. Again, keep calm as you follow the instructions.


We have been provided with the following information and links which residents may wish follow to find out more about the use of defibrillators.

The British Heart Foundation provides online information about Defibrillators: CLICK HERE for information.

The British Heart Foundation website contains information and guidance on how to use CPR in the event of an emergency. CLICK HERE for and explanation of how to save a life using CPR.

The following links take you to information that is specific to theZoll AED 3 Defibrillators that we have installed in Walton. These links are to video clips that have been uploaded to You Tube.

CLICK HERE for a video called 'Training for Unexpected Heroes' using the ZOLL AED 3. This video explains how to use the ZOLL AED 3.

CLICK HERE for a video called 'ZOLL AED 3 : Inside the Rescue'. This video shows a demonstration of how to use the Defibrillator on a patient. It takes the form of a role play.

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