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Parish Clerk : Mr Ray Hallam  
Monthly meetings at - St John’s Community Church Hall, Old Chester Road, Higher Walton, Warrington 
Have you taken any photo’s of areas in Walton or maybe some at a local Walton events ? We would love to show them on here.....
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Various internal photographs showing some of the lovely features inside Walton Hall, Warrington
Tiled floor in porched entrance to the Hall
Large Sculpture by John Warrington Wood (b1839, Warrington d1886, Warrington) -  He adopted the surname 'Warringon' Wood in around 1865 so as to distinguish himself from others artists of similar name name.  The sculpture is approx 5 ft long
The ornate fireplaces in various room of Walton Halll
Acknowledgements - Photo’s supplied by website designer from own collection 
View of Walton Garden’s new bandstand
Stained glass window on main staircase.  We have been kindly informed that the two young gilrs are Susannah & Bertha Greenall sisters of the first Lord Daresbury
The ceiling above the main staircase
Close-up of just a few of the intricate carvings on the large cabinet in the upstairs funcion room
These 8 photo’s were taken in the courtyard area to the rear of Walton Hall. What was this area used for ? .... Let us know